As a health and wellness expert, adventurer, chef and author Tom Fabbri has a wealth of knowledge and insight gained from preparing for extreme physical adventures and his passion for eating well for optimal health.

With Tom’s focus on optimal health, physical and mental training he brings a multi-dimensional approach to any interview. Experience a lively interchange and a unique perspective on an integrative way of combining body, mind rest and play all for achieving an AGELESS YOU…


Tom is honored to be a contributor on 88.7 FM WRHU The Profit Express with host Tim Healy. In his monthly segment, Health Is Your Wealth, Tom discusses how health relates in a very real way to our wealth. He offers solutions and insights on how taking care of your health can have a positive impact on your business and other aspects of your life. He has also been a guest many times on The Profit Express discussing his life of adventure climbing the world’s tallest peaks and encouraging others to find their passions and dreams. Tune in every Wednesday from 6:00pm – 7:00pm to hear inspirational guests share their personal stories relating to today’s topics.



Our country is clearly in a health and wellness crisis. While there has been some progress much remains to be done. Education in ways to increase and maintain health and wellness is of prime importance to the overall success of each person. Although Tom’s life may seem extreme to most, his adventures provide awareness for all generations in that we each have our mountains to climb. His goal is to teach the world that anything is possible when you have good health. Join Tom in his quest to bring this message to the four corners of the earth by joining our team of sponsors that help make these adventures possible.

I am happy to have these companies support me on my next adventure to Mt. Vinson Massif, the top of Antarctica.