Take the Stairs, Not the Elevator

Most people that know me, know I run stairs. This is part of my training, whether it’s for climbin


Why should this number be important to you? It's the number of seconds each of us is given every day

The Power of No

We have heard the word “no” our whole lives. From the time we could crawl or walk, no was a part

Upping My Game

Nine months and counting until I go to Antarctica for my sixth summit. Training is one of the bigges


Many generations ago, a timepiece was a revered object of ownership. Our grandfathers and great gran

What’s Your Adventure in 2016

I know what mine is…climbing 16,067′ of the coldest and windiest place on earth! That’s right,

My Year in Retrospect

2015 was an amazing year! I traveled to places that were not just ordinary, but Extraordinary! You c

On the Way to the Top - Literally and Figuratively

Five years ago I had a dream to climb the Seven Summits, the highest peak on each of the seven conti

What’s Your Mountain?

My mountain is Everest. Your mountain can be anything that challenges you to reach higher.

Mt. McKinley, Alaska - Elevation 20,320ft

My Journey Mt. McKinley, also known as Denali, is the tallest mountain in North America. It is cons

Mt.Aconcagua, Argentina - Elevation 22,810ft

My Journey Aconcagua is the highest mountain in South America. It is the highest mountain outside o

Great White Shark Dive, December 23, 2010

Being in Australia with the Neptune Islands just a short flight away, I packed away my climbing gear

Mt. Kosciusko, Australia - Elevation 7310ft

My Journey Mt. Kosciuszko is the centerpiece of Australia’s largest national park located in the

Mt. Elbrus, Russia - Elevation 18,510ft

My Journey Mt. Elbrus is located in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia (near Georgia), Russ

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Elevation 19,340ft

My Journey Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, is located just over 211 miles south of th

Big Ben, London - March 19, 2016

MetLife Stadium, NY Giants vs. Jets - December 6, 2015

Antigua and Barbuda - November 28, 2015

With Morgan Freeman in Helsinki, Finland - November 6, 2015

City of Jerusalem - October 26, 2015

Temple of Luxor, Egypt - October 22, 2015

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt - October 19, 2015

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt - October 19, 2015

Cloud Gate Sculpture, Chicago - July 29, 2015

Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia - May 2, 2015

Sydney Harbour - April 28, 2015

Buckingham Palace, London - March 27, 2015

Florence, Italy - March 23, 2015

Florence, Italy - March 21, 2015

Old Westbury - July 18, 2014

Summit of Mt. Washington, NH - June 21, 2014

My first flight in the Gulfstream IV - March 19, 2014

At Republic Airport - January 9, 2014

Mt. McKinley, Alaska - July 9, 2013

Summit Day on Mt. McKinley, Alaska - July 5, 2013

Reflection on Mt. McKinley - July 01, 2013

At Republic Airport with a North American T-28 Trojan - January 7, 2013

Meeting one of aviation’s visionaries, Dick Rutan - August 1, 2012

Summit Day on Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina - February 14, 2011

Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina - February 9, 2011

Trekking Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina - February 7, 2011

Summit Day on Mt. Kosciusko, Australia - December 9, 2010

At the Summit of Mt. Elbrus, Russia! - September, 2010

Summit Day on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa - February 21, 2010