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Extreme Adventures are certainly not for everyone—you have to be prepared to face any kind of challenge, whether you are cruising at 40,000 ft., at mach. 90, diving with great whites or climbing the highest peaks in the world. No matter what your goals are, nature remains the ultimate benchmark of what we can achieve as human beings.
An Extreme Adventure reveals exactly who you are, demanding the most of your physical, psychological and perhaps even spiritual selves.

Journey to the summit of Mt. Vinson Massif

This is Rhonda, and I am going to be blogging Tom’s journey to the summit of Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica. With fingers crossed and lots of praying, we hope that tomorrow is good to go. I hope you will be a part of this exciting climb to the top of the coldest place on earth by following my updates on Tom’s Facebook page.

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