Adventure is Out there: ADVENTURE is an Invitation for Common People to Become Uncommon.

Adventure is not just for the young at heart. It is for anyone who can still dream and remember what it is like to dream. I believe we all should strive to live a life of adventure…doing something that makes us feel alive and a part of this expansive world we call home. Adventure can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a road trip to the next city or state or across the country…a hike on the nearest nature reserve…hopping on a plane to fly to a dream destination in another country…a climb to the top of the tallest mountain…a boat ride on the open ocean…anything that drives your passion to live a better life.

Our friends at Keep Exploring share this same philosophy. They have created a community of like-minded people who share their adventures through pictures. I have been taking their flag with me as I travel around the world. In fact, I plan to carry their flag to the top of the South Pole on Mt. Vincent Massif, Antarctica, in December. You can visit their website at and follow me as I keep exploring this incredible planet we live on.

You can learn more about Keep Exploring by visiting their website at Follow me on Instagram as I keep exploring this incredible planet we live on.